Sequine, the place for horses, unicorns, pegasuses and other horse-creatures.It is the place where human never reaches.
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 Eclipse The Shadow Stallion

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PostSubject: Eclipse The Shadow Stallion   Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:58 pm

Name: Eclipse
Age: 3
Gender: Stallion
Color: Pure black coat, with a dappled gray butt, and dappled gray socks.
Description: He is evil and charming. Great fighter and very pretty. He likes to mess with the mares, and he is playful. He can be sweet when he is your friend, but I have 1 thing to say to you, you better be on his good side or else you will be sorry.......
Alliance: Light, Dark, Or Neutral? dark
Type: Pegacorn
Picture(or link): none

Name: You Can't Read My Poker Face, Raphelle
Gender: Mare
Color: Speckled gray
Details of Color: White with brownish black speckles.
Description: She is sweet and kind. Very flirty! She is confusing and cute, evil and good. She is very beautiful. Can be very romantic
Alliance: Light, Dark, Or Neutral? Light
Type: Unicorn
Picture(or link): Coming Soon
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Eclipse The Shadow Stallion
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